People VS Service

While ON2IT can provide individuals on a contractual basis for projects anywhere in the world ON2IT believes the client receives a much better deal by utilising ON2IT s provision of Information Technology (I.T.) and Management Services.

For example, if a particular key person is contracted or employed then becomes sick and is unable to work, the client may lose out by not having sufficient manpower to complete the project on time and other consequences related to the position and functions of the person contracted or employed. Also, if the person contracted or employed does not meet the required standards, the client has to follow certain rules and laws in order to terminate the person contracted or employed.

However, if a client contracts ON2IT to provide a particular service and the designated person supplied takes ill and is unable to work, ON2IT will automatically replace that person with another consultant with similar professional skills to complete the service.

Also, if a client finds the consultant supplied by ON2IT in a service contract is unsuitable, ON2IT will replace them with another consultant at no extra cost.