Quality Assurance

ON2IT offers clients the opportunity to reduce the high costs associated with maintaining an in-house Quality Assurance Department.

ON2IT can help clients to produce bug-free software that is delivered on-time and within budget. ON2IT can also make independent recommendations regarding future improvements to the development process within companies.

In providing Quality Assurance ON2IT becomes involved in the complete software development process of clients. This involves monitoring and improving the process, ensuring agreed upon standards and procedures are followed and that any problems discovered along the way are solved. In this role, ON2ITís mission is to prevent any problems that otherwise may delay delivery of the product to the customer.

By using the Quality Assurance Services of ON2IT, clients have access to independent experts who will assist in producing solid requirements that are signed off by all parties, along with realistic schedules and adequate testing. ON2IT will help to ensure that the original requirements are adhered to whenever possible and that all parties are kept up to date with all developments.

ON2IT can assist organizations to comply with ISO Certification and Accreditation.